Hello Gay men of the World. I am Phoenix and I am a Queer

Hello all you gay men of the World. Welcome to Queer Phoenixs blog about gay male topics. I am your writer my name is Phoenix and I am gay and I have lived in Phoenix, Arizona all my life. I decided to start blogging about my personal gay experiences here on the web so other gay men could enjoy them as much as I did doing them. I also wanted an outlet to show off all the great gay things in the Phoenix area and on the web that I have found to be very gay friendly and worthy of any gay mans time.

For this welcome post I just wanted to introduce myself to the online gay community and to let them know about all the great stuff coming here on Queer Phoenix as I am very excited to finally have a place of my own online to talk about all the fabulous gay stuff in life. If you have any questions for me or about this blog please use the contact form to get in touch on the contact page otherwise please stay on topic when commenting on any posts on my blog otherwise they will be deleted.

Any hate or racist or other wise spammy comments will also be removed so do not bother wasting your time or mine by trying to post them as every commented is moderated on this blog before it is published.